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Hello! My name is Trent Black. I am a Las Vegas native and have been a professional photographer for 20 years. Long before that however, in fact over 30 years ago, I fell in love with photography. I started working with an old 4x5 view camera, purchased an enlarger and did my homework learning all I could about my new passion. Lighting always fascinated me... the way a very subtle change in light could make a mediocre picture into an astonishing image! Soon, it seemed that every where I went, I looked at the light and the shadow around me. What followed was the ability to apply this knowledge while operating the camera and create the images on film that I was visualizing in my mind. (Talk about an adrenaline rush!) Undoubtedly, learning with film cameras taught me how to “capture” light instead of just seeing it. I even had my own dark room and really fell in love with creating my images on a whole other level. I became intoxicated with the smell of “fix” and learning to NOT use your eyes to produce the images you imagine. Twenty four years ago, when I met with my wedding photographer, he saw the prints on my walls and offered me an opportunity to photograph weddings. What a great idea! Make a living doing something I loved?!!! Needless to say, I accepted his offer and have never looked back...

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